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Terartai x Expression by House of Hadiprana, Weaving Creativity, Inclusivity and Sustainability.

We're excited to unveil our collaboration with Expression by House of Hadiprana, a beacon of creativity and community nestled in Jakarta's lively Kemang neighborhood. Expression isn't just a retailer; it's a platform for fostering creativity and community through thoughtful collaborations.

Expression by House of Hadiprana focuses on brands that excel in artistry and design, and more importantly, show a profound commitment to community and environmental well-being. We are in line with their ethos, and that’s why we are very excited about this partnership!

Together, we organized a Terartai pop-up shop at their store for three days last week from 7 to 9 March. This marks the beginning of an exciting journey since our products will soon grace the shelves at Expression (stay tuned!), a testament to our shared passion for nurturing communities and supporting sustainable practices.

A glimpse of our pop-up display at Expression by House of Hadiprana Kemang, Jakarta To kick off this partnership, we also organized a two-day art workshop last week (8-9 March) centered around the elephant, a symbol deeply embedded in Hadiprana’s ethos. The elephant represents wisdom, strength, and unity, echoing through their resort in Ubud, Tanah Gajah, or Elephant's Ground, where the majestic creatures’ spirit is ever-present through paintings and sculptures throughout its grounds.

Inspired by this philosophy, we created elephant cutouts from cardboard, which our artists with special needs vibrantly painted. The artwork, particularly Louis’ piece, was a testament to the power of creative expression, leaving everyone mesmerized by its beauty. Participants of the workshop were invited to personalize these elephants with scrap fabrics sourced from various channels, including Toko Encit and our own production remnants. This initiative was not only an art project but a strong statement on sustainability and inclusivity.

Open to all, including senior community members, the workshop offered a joyous, relaxing, and creative outlet to delve into `our collaboration. It was the perfect occasion to share our values, laughter, and creativity.

Photos of workshop participants inclusive for all ages, and involving scrap fabrics sourced from our production scraps

and our supplier's fabric waste.  This collaboration goes beyond art and products; it's about creating a collective impact, sharing stories, and fostering a sense of belonging, one creative step at a time.

We're proud to join forces with Expression and eagerly anticipate the wonderful creations that lie ahead. Stay tuned for more, as we continue to champion a more inclusive and sustainable world, one piece of art at a time.


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