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Reimaging with Deadstock

A few months ago, our product team took to the streets of Jakarta to source for deadstock fabric. Coming in from designer brands to textile mills, deadstock fabric is the rolls of excess material found in production, and what we’ve found was an abundance of it. 

We found ourselves in the hub of deadstock fabrics. Surrounded by piles of materials shipped from Korea and other parts of the world, filling shops to the ceiling. And while we’re glad these materials were readily available to be repurposed, its sheer scale was enough to make us ponder about what we can do better.

So what now? Going forward, the lining found in our new Terartai products will be sourced from deadstock fabrics. This paired with our sustainability partners who have already been equipping our Upcycle Project products with their repurposed materials, we believe that this is the next step to create a more responsible product.

At Terartai, we believe that sustainability done right is a collaborative effort. But when done better, inclusivity is at its very core. Join us on this journey of creating a more sustainable future for all by partnering with us.


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