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You can be an amplifyer of change through

Socially Impactful Corporate Gifting

Our personalized corporate gifts transcend mere gestures – they embody thoughtfulness and our commitment to ESG values. More than expressions of appreciation, these gifts symbolize inclusivity and equal opportunity. By choosing us, you actively contribute to positive change and environmental responsibility. Our social initiatives empower talented individuals, ensuring everyone has an equal chance to belong and contribute. The Upcycle Project minimizes fabric waste, making every gift an environmentally conscious choice. Have surplus fabric? Partner with us to turn it into meaningful, impactful gifts.

Brand Collaboration

Terartai is a social enterprise that champions inclusivity in Indonesia. We are always excited to team up for meaningful collaborations that make a positive impact. Whether you are a brand, influencer, stockist, or media we're open to your ideas on how we can work together to promote inclusivity and sustainability. Excited to create change together!

Personalise Your Gift

Give your gifts a unique touch. Think about adding your Company Logo.
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Democratise hope for everyone, including families with special-needs children.

Champion inclusivity through creativity.

Economically empower special-needs artists.

Improve quality of life of our gifted artists beyond economic values.

Becoming a part of the solution to minimizing fabric waste. Read more about TERARTAI UPCYCLE PROJECT initiative.

with us will spark
change by:

Every collaboration

By working together with us, you help our artists to have a sense of achievement, and to be heard and accepted by society at large.



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