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Empowering Art and Transforming Lives.

At Terartai, we are more than a social enterprise – we are a movement dedicated to empowering artists with special needs through meaningful collaborations because we believe that #EveryoneHasAGift, including people with special-needs.

Our mission is simple: to create an inclusive environment

where individuals with autism, cerebral palsy,

and down syndrome can shine as gifted artists. 🎨

Watch our short video to understand more about our process

Why drives us to walk the talk?

In Indonesia, people with special needs face daunting challenges—struggling to secure employment,  facing direct and indirect marginalization, and are often deprived of new opportunities. Yet, despite these hurdles, they are bursting with ideas, hopes, and dreams, just like any of us. And in Terartai, we believe in turning these dreams into reality by providing them with sustainable employment, a dignified life, and a voice in society.

How has our journey been impactful to our community?

  • Empowering Artistic Community: Cultivating a vibrant community of 14 full-time artists.

  • Elevating Incomes: Witnessing a remarkable 94% increase in their income.

  • Cultivating Sustainability: Reimagining new sustainable ways to create and recreate through our  Terartai Upcycle Project.

  • Minimizing Waste: Transforming textile waste into parts of our products to minimize textile waste around us. 

  • Enhancing Confidence: Collaborative efforts significantly boosting artists' confidence, fostering belonging and pride.

At Terartai, every creation is a testament to the transformative power of art and inclusivity. Join us in making a difference—one brushstroke at a time. 🌈 #Terartai #ArtForInclusion #EmpowerThroughArt #SocialEnterprise #SocialImpact #SocialEntrepreneur #Sustainability


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