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Artist Spotlight: Makoto Asari

An abstract painting of fluid and color shapes similar to the flow of liquid but embodies simplified anatomical forms

Manusia (Human) by Makoto Asari

Fluid and expressive, Makoto skillfully uses color and motion to explore the tenderness of humanity’s diversity. With vibrant pigments coloring in simplified anatomical shapes, Makoto creates a reality fluid enough to discover, yet simple enough to understand. Here, he masterfully pulls us to a universal truth-- amidst our differences lies the opportunity to embrace the beauty found in our individual selves and each other.

A close up view of Makoto Asari, an artist with Cerebral Palsy, intently focused on painting geometric shapes with his paintbrush

Creating an inclusive future begins with us. And while it may be easy to feel disillusioned with the current state of our world, it is more prevalent today than ever before to embrace our differences. Because the truth is, inclusivity is not an easy feat. Instead it’s one that depends upon extending grace, and what better way to live out this very truth than to simply show up even in the midst of our differences?

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