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Wrap yourself in the exquisite artistry of Jeffrey Oentoro with this Earth-Inspired Scarf. Jeffrey's creations celebrate the profound connection between nature's vibrant colors and cultural heritage, a passion he skillfully expresses through his unique designs.


Crafted for enduring style and eco-conscious elegance, this Earth-Inspired Scarf is meticulously designed to bring together fashion and sustainability seamlessly. Whether you're looking to stay warm, make a fashion statement, or simply adorn yourself with the beauty of nature, this scarf is your steadfast companion.


The batik pattern adorning this scarf is a testament to craftsmanship, intricately hand-painted using dyes derived from natural herbs like beets, turmeric, butterfly pea flowers, matcha, coffee, and more. Embrace the Earth's colors while making a conscious choice for sustainable fashion, showcasing your dedication to both style and the preservation of our planet.


*We will contribute part of the sales proceeds to gifted artists with special needs who have created works of art/paintings on this product.

Scarf – Colors of the Earth | Jeffry Oentoro

  • Material: Arabian Voille

    Size: 150 x 70 cm

    Care instructions:
     ● Cold hand wash
     ● Do not bleach 
     ● Do not tumble dry
     ● Low-heat iron

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