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Embrace the perfect blend of artistry and utility with Kenzie's "Colors of the Earth" Foldichute, adorned with exquisite batik patterns lovingly handcrafted by Kenzie himself. Kenzie's artistic creations celebrate the profound connection between nature's beauty and eco-conscious design, a sentiment that shines through in every detail of his unique designs.


Crafted for lasting endurance, this "Colors of The Earth" Foldichute is meticulously designed to withstand the test of time and the whims of the wind. Whether you're seeking shelter from the elements during your outdoor adventures, adding a POP of color to your picnics, this Foldichute is your steadfast companion, reminding you of the limitless possibilities that the world holds.


*We will contribute part of the sales proceeds to gifted artists with special needs who have created works of art/paintings on this product.

Foldiechute – Colors of the Earth | Kenzie

  • Material: Parachute, Taslan


    Size: 36 x 40 cm


    Care instructions:

    • Cold hand wash
    • Do not bleach 
    • Do not tumble dry

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