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Mortier Collaboration Workshop: Art, Inclusion, and the Environment

Terartai recently partnered with Mortier, a Jakarta-based company with a mission to breathe new life into plastic waste. Mortier specializes in repurposing HDPE and LDPE plastics, materials commonly discarded as waste, into meaningful objects with a new story.

During our workshop, our talented artists explored the dual nature of plastic – its environmental impact and its potential for reuse. Guided by Mortier, they learned innovative ways to transform plastic bags and LDPE waste into stunning artworks. This activity not only served as a creative outlet but also as a valuable motor skill exercise, enhancing their dexterity and focus.

This workshop was special because it showed everyone that we can all help take care of our planet, no matter who we are. Our artists proved that by making something beautiful out of something we usually throw away. It was a perfect mix of learning about recycling and showing off their creativity. Plus, it made everyone think about how we can all make a difference, one piece of art at a time.

For more about Mortier and their transformative work with plastics, visit their website at


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