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Artist Spotlight: Steffi Kurniawan

Steffie's art bursts with vibrant colors and bold expressions, capturing the essence of joy and togetherness. One of her first piece, "Enaknya Makan Rame-Rame," celebrates the simple pleasure of sharing a meal, portrayed through her confident use of dark orange, yellows, and dark purple. Despite facing the challenges of Down syndrome, Steffi's art transcends barriers, her bold strokes a testament to her determination and zest for life.

Her artwork above serves as a beautiful reminder of the power of shared experiences and the warmth they bring into our lives. "Enaknya Makan Rame-Rame" is an Indonesian phrase that expresses about how food tastes better when shared. Steffi's laughter, humor, and bold aspirations shine through her art, inviting us to see beyond disabilities to the shared human experience of love and community.

Discover more of Steffi's inspiring art and join her celebration of togetherness and harmony in this link:

Through her paintings, Steffi invites us to embrace the joy of connection and the beauty of seeing the world through a kaleidoscope of color and love.


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