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Enable-Link™ reflects our philosophy that


Each of our products is authentic and unique, but our Enable-Link™ system allows us to combine them, creating something even more special. This unique feature lets you quickly attach different artworks to your Terartai items, personalizing them to your unique style while championing creativity and inclusivity.

Meet Terartai's New Products

Pouch 2.0

Everyday Tote
+ Art Pocket

Foldiechute 2.0

The Tassel


Inclusivity & Sustainability



We provide pathways for everyone including people with special-needs to create sustainably, tell their stories through art, and have better access to vocational opportunities.

Financial Empowerment

Every product sold at Terartai contributes directly to the artists with special-needs involved, ensuring they receive a share of the income from each sale. This model not only boosts their financial stability but also supports their journey towards achieving a sustainable and livable income. So far, we’ve increased our artists’ income by 94%. This is great, but our next task is ensuring that they get a sustainable and livable income so they can be independent.


Reimagining Deadstock

From designer brands to textile mills, deadstock fabric consists of excess material left over from production. In the bustling streets of Jakarta, we discovered shops filled to the ceiling with these fabrics, shipped from Korea and around the world. We began by repurposing some of these materials into linings for our products.

Recycling Plastic Waste

The beads in our tassels are lovingly crafted by the Mortier team. They are made from recycled HDPE plastics sourced from shampoo bottles and bottle caps.

Impact Labels

Our impact labels are created from fabric offcuts and B-grade fabrics, ensuring that even the smallest pieces contribute to our mission of sustainability.

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