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Today we work together with artists with special needs namely those with autism, cerebral palsy, and Asperger's. Verbal communication and expression can be challenging for our artists. Therefore, they tell their stories through art.

Our Gifted


The average age of our artists is 26 years old. Most of them have finished their academic educations at their special-needs school, however, they don't have many options to pursue their educational and vocational opportunities. Today we are working with 12 artists with special-needs, who are also a full time student at SLB Kyriakon in Jakarta.



and a story to share.

Sometimes our circumstances and the challenges we have in our lives make us forget about our gifts. Here, we believe that everything has its purpose. We are created for a reason, so are our artists.

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most meaningful way

Art paves the way for them to discover their gifts, and tell their stories in the

Every artwork voices out their point of view, courage, challenges, and hopes. The artworks are then sublimed into our items, so their stories can be heard by a larger audience.

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