Why We Do What We Do

Reflecting back, there are many other business model options we could have pursued before we officially launched Terartai and spread the words to our friends and family. For instance, we could have focused on creating unique designed merchandise for weddings and corporations where we design the products ourselves, mass produce, reduce our COGS by ordering large quantities, and earn higher profit as we don’t have to contribute any profit to any artists. 


This way our overall expense to create design is reduced, less rework, less manpower required to guide and monitor overall design process, less time consumed to explain the design theme and so on.

Yet, after attending the first few painting sessions with our diffable community we are 100% certain that we have made the right choice. Here’s why:

For the special students or artists

There are always some students who would arrive earlier than some other students. In the midst of preparing the art tools we can’t help but notice their high anticipation. Sam, whose dream is to become a famous painter, would proactively come to the front of the class and ask for his canvas and acrylic paint in advance. Gradually, the class gets louder and filled with positive energy as we have more students arriving.


Right on time when the session is about to start, Gerry, whose artwork has been a best seller for several weeks came to class, he was sitting on his wheelchair as his caretaker was helping to navigate him to his assigned seat. We smiled ear to ear, feeling proud of him as we saw him wearing a brand new Adidas white shoes that he bought using his income from Terartai.


Just like that, we know that what we do creates tangible results for them. Through Terartai, they have something to look forward to, to continue to be creative, and generate income.

For The Parents

They may not be able to jump through a high rise building or run as fast as the speed of light, but they are a superhero nonetheless. Everyday, they manage situations that other parents would believe are impossible. They stretch tight muscles, remember pills, inject medicines, hold hysterical children during various medical procedures. They deal with tantrums and meltdown while at the same time keeping it together for themselves.

During the painting session we witness their excitement as they assist their kid to paint. Their patience shines as they hold the painting brush together with their kid who lacks motoric skills on their wrists, hands, and fingers. After all kids have finished their paintings, there is a common impression projected vividly through their facial expression. It’s a sense of pride.


These parents are a therapist, doctor, teacher, friend, and confidant. They are no regular parent and we are excited to be part of their journey to celebrate more wins together.

For The Special Needs School

First time we entered the school we can only imagine how much effort has been put through to enable the whole school running smoothly. Each student's food preferences and allergies are noted down and taken into account to make lunch menu for recess. In the classroom, the teachers also pay attention to which students can be seated next to which students or whether some students perform best when they are seated alone. The level of customization, meticulousness, and care implemented through their work is unmeasurable.


The founder, School principal, teachers, therapist, chefs, and everyone work together to help the students achieve their highest potential and strive to progress beyond their limitations. We are grateful and humbled to be able to take part in the community's amazing work.

For YOU!

Last but not least, we are thrilled to make YOUR day brighter by wearing our merchandise and involve you to be part of this journey. We hope that our merchandise brings you confidence and makes you feel powerful every time you have it on you. Every week we brainstorm to discuss the designs, colors, product varieties, and next steps so we can cater more to your needs. We also send out surveys regularly to understand your needs better and verify whether your preferences have changed. All these are to enable us to bring more positivity to you. 

Thank you for letting us create your scarves, bags, masks, and other merchandise. For every purchase you’ve made, there’s a special artist, a mother, a father, brothers, sisters, teachers, and a whole community who are ecstatically celebrating. You have made a difference.