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Doing More by Wasting Less

As a social enterprise making a positive impact in the lives of people with special needs, we believe in building a more inclusive world. And given Indonesia’s waste problem, inclusivity also means keeping our planet healthy for the diversity of lives that inhabit it.

In other words, we want to do more.

With the launch of our Terartai Upcycled Project, we’ve been marinating in innovative ways  to create better products for our customers that brings positive impact socially and environmentally. And while the pursuit of sustainability can be daunting, we’ve found that it’s a task best tackled with progress over perfection in mind. From repurposing used materials to redesigning our products, here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

1. Unpacking our Products & Waste

While facing the facts may not be the most comfortable part of the process, it is the most critical. So we got honest and got the numbers. We took a deep look into our processes, assessed our collaborations, and unpacked the how’s and why’s behind our inputs and outputs.

2. Honing Into Minimizing Textile Waste

Sustainability can be approached in a myriad of different ways. And while we want to do them all, setting a focused goal for the year made all the difference. For us, it’s waste-- how can we minimize it, how can we utilize it, and how can we give it new life.

3. Multiplying Our Impact with Sustainability Partners

Sustainability has never been a solo mission and lucky for us, we’ve found the right collaborators and thinkers to journey along with us. Magic happens when worlds collide, and we’re excited to be a apart of a community that cares as much about inclusivity as we do the environment.

4. Taking a Leap of Faith

Like any positive change, sustainability is a practice. It’s the intentional act of staying true to our principles regardless of the outcome-- and while it may seem scary at times, it’s a lesson we’re pursuing day after day.

This journey is about progression. And while we may be in the beginnings of ours, we’re excited to grow deeper roots for the fruits to come.


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