Our Impacts

When we first started in 2019, we had 0 full-time special artists. Today, we have 8 special artists who are committed to work together with Terartai, all of them are from Kyriakon Special Needs School.

Before, there were no regular classes or co-creation workshops. Today, co-creation workshops are run bi-weekly via zoom. These classes allow our special artists to create, have fun, feel empowered, and bond with their family, even friends. Often their siblings tag along to help them and join the fun.

We believe that our initiative has brought impacts to three main stakeholders that include the special artists themselves, their families, and the special-needs schools/institutions.

We have classified the impacts as below:


We hope to grow and scale our impacts even further, but we can't do it without your support.

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If you want to know more about our impacts, please send an email to info@terartai.com,
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