Our community

We are currently working closely with 9 special-needs artists who are also students at Kyriakon Special Needs School in Jakarta.


To learn more about Kyriakon Special Needs School you can click here.

We hope that we can grow our communities of specialised artists by partnering with more organizations across Indonesia.

Gerry Mahadi

Gerry has been one of our students since 2019. Gerry is quadriplegic, and has cerebral palsy. He is one of our best-selling artists who is able to understand 3 languages including English, Indonesian and German. Gerry loves to write poetries. 

Steffi Kurniawan

Steffi has become our student since 2019. Steffi has down syndrome. Steffi loves to socialize, listening to music, and making jokes with her peers. 

Joshua Hans

Joshua has joined Terartai since 2020. Joshua is autistic. Joshua loves to read. His love for reading has allowed him to see the world with such a deep, and wise point of views. 

Darel Alvaro

Darel has been one of our students since early 2020. Darel is autistic. Darel is really committed to his painting, always first to show up to class. Drawing is his hobby, and he hopes to be an entrepreneur
one day. 

Wijaya Kumar

Wijaya has been one of our students since early 2020. Wijaya has down syndrome. He loves to socialize, listening to music, and recently has develop his passion for painting. 

Daniel Gunawan

Daniel Gunawan has been with Terartai since 2019. He is also one of our best selling artists. Daniel is autistic. He loves sports, music, and he loves to paint with patterns like dots, and dashes which have become his artistic character. 

Rod Fredericko

Rod has been one of our students since 2019. Rod loves it when he is around his family, and hopes one day to be a policeman. Rod has microcephaly. 

Jeffry Oentoro

Jeffry is one of our new students who recently joined in early 2021. 

Nicolas Pakpahan

Nicolas joined Terartai since early 2020. Nico is austistic. He loves music, in fact he hums a lot whenever he’s working on something. It helps him focus. Nico has an extraordinary attention to detail. 

Almost every week we run a virtual workshop on zoom or google hangouts where we get to meet with our special-needs artists, understand their points of view, make artworks together, and simply have fun!


It is from these sessions that we get to understand them as people, and just like us, they have hopes, fears, and desire to be heard.


It is from these sessions we get to create something beautiful.