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Make an impact with us

Making an impact doesn't have to be a grand pursuit. Think of a mosquito, they are so small but can make quite an impact! Making an impact is about being on a journey toward understanding who we truly are,

and who we are created to be.

You can make an impact on the diffable community by:

  1. When you purchase our products, you are already empowering our community of special artists. This way they know that their works are valued, while also receiving a commission.​​​

  2. Co-creating with us, whether you are an individual who is looking to create meaningful souvenirs or a corporation/brand who wants to create meaningful corporate gifts or merchandise. By co-creating with us, you are using your influence to help resonate our special-artists point of view to a much bigger audience, and also valuing their works. (click here to see the impacts of co-creation).
    If you are looking to co-create, send us an email at

  3. Volunteering with us (this can be done from home too!). Whether you are a student who needs to complete your vocational units or simply just want to help, you are welcome.
    Send us an email to

How co-creation can be positively impactful to the diffable ecosystem.

For example, you're a brand that produces natural skincare and is passionate about the environment, or simply and an individual who is passionate about the environment and diffable community.

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