Journey to Happiness corporate gifts for Indesso

At the end of 2020, Indesso were looking for corporate gifts that can meaningfully resonate its brand to its stakeholders while also making an impact to a larger community.


One of their ongoing campaign is called Journey to Happiness and they wanted to understand how Journey to Happiness is perceived within the special-needs community.


To them, Journey to Happiness means 1.) Co-existing with Harmony, and it also reminds them of 2.) Seasons of Life. To them, happiness is indeed a journey, it's is obtained through understanding and nurturing the talents that we have, but not forgetting to keep the balance by sharing our talents also to those in need, and also to the environment. Happiness also comes with its seasons, just like how nature has its own time for planting, pruning, and eventually harvesting. We can't always aim to be productive, remember also that every now and then we need to plant the seeds, be still, and grow.