The most meaningful wedding souvenir for Irene and Andrew: Imperfect People but with a Perfect God

We are humbled and thankful at the same time that we get to be a part of this beautiful wedding. We embarked on a 3 months journey with the happy couple, where they came up with a theme called, "Two Imperfect People with a Perfect God". A theme they feel so close in their hearts because it's resembles their relationship journey and faith.


We then asked our diffable community about their point of views on the theme "Two Imperfect People with a Perfect God", and mainly they were reminded by 1. God's promise in their lives how God has always been faithful, 2. Our lives' faith journey that is full of ups and downs, and last but not least 3. Our complete trust. Together we then illustrate these insights into 3 designs, that we then paint together, and transform into a meaningful wedding souvenir: selendang.


It's amazing to see how the brides and groom truly pay so much attention to give the most meaningful souvenirs for their guests. A souvenir that does not only best resemble the happy couple design-wise, but also captures their hearts, even inspires others around them.


Parts of the revenue of this project is contributed directly to the diffable artists

that contributed to this project.