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Our Impact

Most of our artists find it challenging to communicate verbally, however, art has given them a meaningful way to tell their stories.

Every item sold brings impacts.

Community Development
& Empowerment

Since 2020, we have partnered with SLB Kyriakon to be a part of their extracurricular programs. Today, we have 12 artists joining the program, where we regularly create new artworks and give different art training. Our programs have enabled our artists to be heard by telling their stories and point of view through their artworks. Each new collection or project we make accumulates about 18 co-creation hours with our artists.

Terartai Special Needs Artists Community

Economic Empowerment

We give a portion of our proceeds to our artists for every item sold, enabling them to earn their own income.

Improved Quality of Life

Ultimately our initiatives positively impacted our artists beyond economic values. Through our initiatives, our gifted artists have a better sense of what it is like to belong and contribute to our society, to be heard, and therefore they have better confidence and sense of purpose.

Terartai Special Needs Artists - Quality of Life
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