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Spiral Object

A Gift

Everyone Has

Our journey revolves around a message that resonates deep within the hearts of our founders: #EveryoneHasAGift, a story to share, and the potential to make a profound impact.

Our Goal

We've embarked on a transformative mission in Jakarta's special-needs communities, igniting the flames of discovery within individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to help them express themselves in the most creative and meaningful ways so they can have a sustainable source of income. As we continue to embrace and uplift our community, our commitment to making a positive impact grows stronger by the day. We're not only telling stories; we're creating a legacy of change.

Our artists range from 12 to 43 years old, creating a diverse community of 14 individuals across Jakarta, Riau, and Riyadh. Many have completed their academic education at institutions like SLB Kyriakon in Jakarta but face limited opportunities for further education and vocational growth. We believe in breaking age barriers and nurturing creativity, providing a platform for our artists to explore their unique talents and dreams.


With conditions of autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and asperger’s making it hard for them to express themselves verbally, their art becomes their voice, expressing dreams and stories.


Meet the

Gifted Artists

Spiral Object

A humble yet important start. Each item promotes inclusivity, and packed with positive impacts.

Empowering the Community

Since 2020, our dedication to nurturing artists has thrived. With 14 talented individuals on board, we engage in a minimum of two co-creation sessions every month. These sessions empower our artists to express themselves and share their unique perspectives, enriching their lives and ours.


We believe in sharing the joy of creation. For every item sold, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to our artists, enabling them to not only create but also sustain their livelihoods.

Quality of Life

Our initiatives extend beyond finances. They provide our gifted artists with a deep sense of belonging and contribution to society. Through self-expression, they gain confidence and purpose.


Artworks created


Projects initiated




since 2020

We are excited to introduce our TERARTAI UPCYCLE PROJECT. By reducing fabric waste in our communities and environment, we aim to weave sustainability into the fabric of our work, making our impact even more enduring.


Join us on this heartwarming journey as we celebrate the extraordinary gifts that reside within us all, and together, we'll write a story of empowerment, creativity, and lasting change.


Do you have any surplus fabric to donate? Contact us.

We can't change the world alone, but together we will go far. With a simple click, you can make a positive change

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