Beginning of Hope:

A meaningful collaboration with Jessica Tanoesoedibjo

In our first (virtual) meeting, she shared to us that her 26th birthday was coming up,

and she wanted to do something for the diffable community.

However, she didn’t particularly know exactly what she could do. 

So together we came up with Beginning of Hope, a concept inspired by today’s situation where dead-ends and uncertainties seem to win. But when we take our time to slow down, we will start noticing that these uncertainties also have brought beautiful new beginnings for many too!

e.g. our earth, digitalisation, even self-growth!

At the same time, Jessica also started a fundraiser to raise funds for TEENCOV19 (an organisation started by teenagers to make face shields), and several diffable communities, including and Kyriakon Special Needs School.

Our team then chatted with the diffable community from Kyriakon Special Needs School about the Beginning of Hope. Some shared about their hopes and dreams, be it for themselves or their families. Overall, they believe that 1.) Hope usually leads you to a beautiful journey 2.) Hope is about being independent, and becoming a blessing to others. 


Our team then turned these beautiful insights into illustrations that we painted today along with Jessica, the birthday girl! The students were very excited and happy because they got to make a new friend who wants to make art with them, and get to know them as special-humans.

Some of the artworks will be selected, and turned into scarves and canvas bags that Jessica will give to some of her donors. We are currently in the process of collecting the artworks. Stay tuned to follow our #BeginningofHope journey. 


We are truly excited as we are grateful that we still can voice out hope even amidst uncertainties. We are also thankful for Jessica for sharing her birthday with us this year.

You’ve given us hope!